I saw a vase I’d like to buy-

But the price was much too high

I thought perhaps I’d make me one

And in the making, have some fun.

I bought some clay and also a bat,

Some underglaze and things like that,

Brushes I bought – but just a few

From number six to number two.

I bought a book that cost a buck –

I tried each step but had no luck,

My family thought I was a fool

But I took some lessons in a school.

My teachers thought my glazes fine –

But they preferred a different kind!

So off I went to a ceramic store

And spent about thirty dollars more.

While there (‘twas the darndest thing)

I heard the bells begin to ring.

In all my life I’d never seen

Such beautiful things – all in green!

I thought I’d buy just one or two

But I had twelve before I was through.

I bought some slip and also a mold

And a teeny tiny bottle of gold.

I drove right home feeling gay

Until I started to put things away.

I had cartons piled high as my head –

I’d never hide these things under the bed!

It wouldn’t cost much to build a shelf –

Why, I could even do that myself!

You see, I really thought I could –

Until I saw that load of wood.

So I hired a man to fix it nice –

That he did -- at a very fancy price.

Now my supplies were placed just right

But I need another electric light.

I won’t go into the cost of that

(I could have bought a coat and hat)

Still I needed a table and chair

So I bought me one – big and square!

Needless to say, a kiln was acquired;

It cost too much to have things fired.

A shelf or two, some stilts and cones –

New fuses for the ones I’d blown.

A 220 line was simply a must!

My budget once more I had to adjust –

What difference if I looked a fright

My work came out of the kiln just right.

Then, my friends, upon the scene

Came the Popular Ceramics Magazine –

I discovered things I never knew –

Like where to buy and what was new.

So, foolish as all this sounds,

I really started to make the rounds.

I’d travel here travel there –

For something new – I’d go anywhere.

My gasoline charges really soared;

When hubby saw them – how he roared.

He said, “Have you been to Timbucktoo?

Do all these charges belong to YOU?”

I’ve greenware stacked all over the place

There’s clay in my hair, my nails, my face

I’ve glazes of every color and hue

Gloss and matt and crackle too.

The vase I said I’d like to own?

I gave that away for a friend’s new home.

I’ve given away clocks and figurines

And tiles painted with beautiful scenes.

Friends admire and I say, “Here ---

Go on, take it, it’s yours my dear.”

I’ve nary a thing for myself – but then

It’s in my blood – and I’d do it again!