“The Common Sense Guide to Mold-Making”
by Tom Sargent

Authored by My younger brother Dick Sargent

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This book is a comprehensive guide to making high quality molds for ceramics.
Written in everyday language and fully illustrated with photographs, this book will help you make molds that you will be proud to use and sell.

Why This Book?
 There are several books, articles, and pamphlets available about mold- making.  But, Tom and I feel that we have covered the subject in a clear and concise manner that everyone can understand.  We offer nsights and tips on mold-making that have not been available in one place before.
 This guide will help you learn how to make molds for casting ceramics. You will receive step-by-step, illustrated instructions on how to make different types of molds.  You will learn about tools and materials used in mold-making and skills and techniques you will need to master in order to produce truly professional molds.  We will discuss finding, adapting, and manufacturing objects to make molds from, with tips for working with different materials.  Guidelines for analyzing models to decide where to place mold seams and how many parts the mold must have for a given model will also be covered.  You will find that it is important to have a well-designed work area with a sturdy workbench and a place for mixing and disposing of plaster and scrap materials.  It is also important to have your tools organized and within easy reach.

All of these subjects and more are covered in our new book

“The Common Sense Guide to Mold-Making”.

This book was introduced in October 1996 with initial distribution at the Fall Orlando Ceramic Show by Master Sargent Molds.