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Tom Sargent

Ceramics Mold Making Specialist

Tom has been working in the ceramics industry for over twenty-five years.  In 1972, after a tour of duty with the U.S. Army in Vietnam and Columbus, Georgia, Tom returned to LaBelle and began working in the family ceramics business, "Wood 'N Ceramics".  He poured large molds and helped Dad deliver greenware in the "Jolly Greenware Giant". 

The years spent pouring greenware in many different kinds of molds helped him learn a lot about the good and bad elements of mold design.  He put this knowledge and understanding to good use when he and our father, Ken Sargent, began making molds under the business name "Master Sargent Molds" in 1985. 

In January 1994, Dad passed the mold business on to Tom.  Tom has directed his talents toward specialized mold work  and has been producing custom-made molds on commission to a variety of businesses.

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