Master Sargent Molds

Custom Mold Specialist

Serving the Hobby Ceramic Industry for over 35 years!

Making high quality commercial grade molds. 

Tom Sargent

Ceramics Mold Making Specialist

I have been working in the ceramics industry for over twenty-five years.  In 1972, after a tour of duty with the U.S. Army

in Vietnam and Columbus, Georgia, I returned to LaBelle and began working in the family ceramics business,

"Wood 'N Ceramics".  I poured large molds and helped Dad deliver greenware in the "Jolly Greenware Giant". 

The years spent pouring greenware in many different kinds of molds helped me learn a lot about the good and bad elements

of mold design.  I put this knowledge and understanding to good use when my father, Ken Sargent, and I began making

molds under the business name "Master Sargent Molds" in 1985. 

In January 1994, Dad passed the mold business on to me.  Since then, I have directed my talents toward specialized mold work and

have been producing custom-made molds on commission to a variety of businesses.